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"Every Painting Is A Journey"

Meet Barbara

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Barbara Tibbets is a self-taught artist, originally from San Diego, California. She took her first painting class in 1979 with her mother, Betty, where they shared a life-long love of painting. 

Over the years, while working full-time at ASU, Barbara spent many, many lunch hours sketching whatever was handy or visiting one of the dozen galleries at the university. Free time was spent drawing and painting in watercolor and acrylic. Barbara also took classes and workshops on drawing, painting and mixed media to find her own style. Each class, workshop or painting session at home taught her that “each painting is a lesson”. 

Now retired, Barbara spends her days focusing on large watercolor landscapes. Each piece takes on it’s own life of vibrant color and direction. “I never know where or how the paint will flow. I just let it happen”. 

Barbara lives in Chandler, Arizona with her husband, Jim.

Artist Statement

Barbara Tibbets’ abstract landscapes celebrate the vibrant colors and exciting textures of the natural world.   Her watercolor subjects, from the Arizona desert to the Scottish highlands, take the viewer on a journey of solitude and open spaces, and bring us face to face with the elemental forces of fire, earth, air and water, in sweeping vistas that appear untouched by human hands. 

Abstract Watercolor Landscape Series










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